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This half term our concept was trust. So we thought, the best way to start it off, was to test our trust for each other! We went out in the mud and the rain and had a go at slack lining. We had to trust our friends to help us and catch us if we fell. We had a great time investigating this concept practically. 

Slack line website

We explored the themes of trust and betrayal through Alfred Noyes' poem, 'The Highwayman '. In our English sessions, we created some freeze frames of the themes of the poem, trying hard to think about how these emotions feel. 

Betrayal    Trust     Loyalty     Broken Trust      Love 

Highwayman theme drama

We also had lots of fun storytelling through film. We used extended sessions in Smart Time to plan, film and edit short films based on 'The Highwayman'. We used IntoFilm's film making resources, with a focus on Foley sound (sound which is created after filming and layered over the footage). We looked at different camera angles and tried to incoporate all of them in to our filming. 

The images below are screenshots taken from the children's films. Each group had actors and a camera person. These screenshots show their excellent understanding of extreme close ups, close ups, mid shots, long shots and establishing shots. We had a great time telling stories together through film, developing our team work as well as our English skills. 

Highwayman 2Highwayman 3

The Editing Studio

After filming, children then began to order their scenes and edit them. They had a go at creating Foley sounds for their films. They used a variety of materials to create original sounds to play over their films. This group used scrunched up paper and walked on it, to try and recreate the sound of footsteps on leaves. 

The children all worked really well and showed a lot of patience, working in a group to re-record lots of different sounds. 


Please see below for our Parent sheet and holiday homework:

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