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Mrs Muller's Dental Speech

Monday 30th September


This week in Reach for the Stars, a dentist called Mrs Muller came and told us about her life. She was born in Johannesburg, located in South Africa, and we found that very interesting. 


She began by giving us a quiz and we found out some amazing facts about how much sugar is in our diet! She told us about how much sugar there is in fizzy drinks.

Pepsi- 10 teaspoons 

Lucozade-17 teaspoons 

A packet of crisp-half a teaspoon


When she was little, she moved around a lot, and when she was seven years old she went to Dublin and Abedeen. Wow! That’s a lot of places. She was always the new girl wherever she went, and when she was little she craved to be a dentist and endeavour to achieve good grades. She was a hard working girl who was always trying her best to do the right thing. Her mum and dad were very encouraging and always helped her when she was stuck. Even though she was at the bottom of the grades in maths, she worked her way to the top, with hard work, perseverance and resilience. 


Later in her life, she qualified as a dentist in training, in a university in Glasgow. She often felt homesick, as she missed her parents dearly. When she did, her parents would always call, to comfort her and she would always get that warm feeling in her heart, and she knew her parents were supporting her. Six years later, she qualified as a professional dentist and she was so shocked that she could have burst into tears that very second.


We very much enjoyed Mrs Muller’s speech and appreciated her hard- work, and showed us whatever is impossible is possible. We learnt that you should never give up, and if you believe in yourself, you will succeed thankyou Mrs Muller for your inspiring speech.

Monday 7th October


This week in Reach for the stars we had a visitor called Simon Campbell Skelling. He was a community cohesion worker at Kirklees Council.  He lived in Chester for quite a while and found that Chester was the place where he belonged. Simon studied German, English and business studies at A level. He told us he was the first person to go to university in his family, and without realizing which job he wanted to get, he accepted a job doing office and administration work.  He did not enjoy this much. Thinking that he should do something that he really loved, he did some volunteering on archaeologist digs, and found that he really enjoyed this job. He once dug up part of a precious roman pot. It was probably over a thousand years old! 


Simon did a master in heritage management (which means to look after the museums). The museum he worked at was called The Tank Museum, which was very huge (it must have been to squeeze in all those tanks). Simon got given a helmet when he left his job at the museum. The museum workers gave him the personalized helmet to show their gratitude towards him. He also explained to us that he has helped organise lots of local events. One of these is called the Zombies Climate Change Festival. At this festival, people would dress up as zombies and walk around Leeds town collecting money to donate to the poor and needy. Simon taught us not to rush into things, think about what you want to do, then act. He also showed us that it is ok to change your job if you do not enjoy what you do. He inspired us with all the charity work that he has done. Thank you Simon.

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