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Year 6 Maths Home Learning

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Learning 2

Teaching Maths at Home.

Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable teaching your children maths at home.

·         Watch the White Rose maths video together before completing the task. It should explain new ideas clearly and in small steps to help your child understand

·         Try to leave your child to work on their own when answering questions. Help out only if they are stuck

·         If your child is stuck, ask questions to prompt them towards the answer – try not to solve it for them. Encourage them to watch the video again

·         Your child doesn’t have to get all the answers right – learning is a process. If they can persevere with their work, this is a success in our eyes

·         Praise their effort. "You have tried really hard today!" "Well done - you persevered!"

·         If the activity is becoming frustrating for you and your child then leave it for a while and return to it later.

·         Stay positive! You are doing the best you can. 

Monday 21st September 2020

Here is today's Maths worksheet. Please ask if you have any problems. You may want to watch the video that we sent out on Friday to help you.



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