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This half term we looked at the concept of identity. We discussed what this means to us and how it may change in the future. We also discussed who influences our identity throughout our lives. Together we read 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and discussed the identity of that character. We also looked at other stories, where the characters are struggling with their identity. We particularly enjoyed reading 'Cloudbusting' by Malorie Blackman. 

Smart Time

In Smart Time, we are able to choose whether we want to work independently, or with a team. We are proud of our team work and the focus we show when we work on our projects in Smart Time. 

Identity Smart

Stop - motion animation

We have been creating stop-motion animations in smart time, using playdough to create an alien. See if you can guess its identity... Is it innocent, malicious, perhaps lonely? What could its story be?



We had a large science focus this half term, looking at space and the Solar System. We worked outside to try and map out the scale of the Solar System mathematically and show the orbits of the different planets. We also had a visit from a planeterium which was very exciting! 

Identity _ space

In our Science lesson, we were able to use and apply our new animation skills to show the movement of the moon, relative to the Earth. Have a look below to see how our Moon and Earth both move in the Solar System. 


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