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In this topic, we looked at the concept of conflict. This could be related to a worldwide conflict, a conflict between people or even an inner conflict. The children worked very hard, looking at WW2 as a major conflict in History. They took part in a range of experiences which helped them to understand what is was like to live during that conflict. We also linked this topic to more modern day conflicts and discussed refugees who have had to flee their homes to safety. 

As part of our art work, we looked at the illustrator, Michael Foreman and his use of black and white images with splashes of colour. We used this as inspiration for our own poppy artworks. We tried to fix a broken landscape with poppies, showing the impact that war had on the landscape of Flanders Field.  

We then designed our own symbols of hope, using colour to represent hope in sketches of refugees.

symbol of hope(1)
symbols of hope

We attended a memorial service at Batley Memorial Park. We wrote some memorial poems to read at the ceremony – we were very proud of the respect and care the children showed in their poetry.

Memorial Gardens

Year 5 performed a seasons / conflict assembly this half term, showing the journey that people went through during WW2, represented by the seasons.

It began with a ‘found poem’, created with lines from the children’s poems.

The tears in my sister’s eyes… I am starting to crumble

Wails from familiies who were divided forever

No where to go nowhere to live

Everything has broken

Everything is destroyed

Descimated destruction all around me

My memory starts rising and the sun starts shining

Hope unity peace - It will come. I am sure it will.

Seasons artHarvest 2019

To celebrate the end of the topic and all our hard word, we had our very own VE party!

VE day partyParent sheet conflict

Please see below for our Parent curriculum sheet and ideas for holiday homework:

Hol hwk conflict
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