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Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Blog

Week beginning 6th July

This week is going to be "Transition week" at Field Lane JIN School. It is going to be slightly different to how we normally do it, but still fun! The activities in the grid below will help you to introduce yourselves to your new teacher. They are quite creative and fun, so I am sure you will enjoy telling your teacher all about you. 

Please continue to send all your home learning work to class dojo, where your new teacher will also be able to see them. 

transition week(1)poster

These are examples of the poster and art collage you can make about yourselves. 

Week beginning 29th June

This week home learning theme is "Space" a topic that is out of this world! We have done a similar topic, when we studied the Mystery of the Moon, but this time we will be learning about asteroids, meteroties and constellations . It is National Asteroid day on 30th June, it is held on this date to mark the date of Earth's largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event. Asteroid day is celebrated all over the world. What is an asteroid? Asteroids are small rocky objects that orbit the Sun. See if you can find out any more interesting facts about asteroids. 

Below are some ideas you could do as a family to help you learn about Space. I know you are all amazing bakers, so you will love cooking up some delicious edible meteorites (follow the website on the grid), I also look forward to seeing your marshmallow constellations! Click on the grid to open a pdf where you will then be able to click on the internet links. 

Please send us all your photos and videos on Class Dojo, we look forward to seeing them.

space menu(1)

Week beginning 22nd June

This week the home learning theme is "Sports". We would normally have had a sports day in school and had lots of fun outdoors competing in our team colours. So we have decided to have a whole week of sports on our home learning grid. This is a great way for you to try a new sport and keep fit. We look forward to seeing your pictures and videos. 

Summer 2 Week beginning 15th June

"We have far more in common than that which divides us." Jo Cox.  

The home learning theme for this week is, 'More in Common.' What does this phrase mean? Can you think of some things we have in common with each other? Click the menu below, to open a version with clickable links. The menu below shows you some ideas of how we can explore and celebrate the ideas that Jo Cox cared about.

For more ideas of how you can get involved in the Great Get Together, you can visit https://www.greatgettogether.org/

We look forward to you sharing your work with us on Class Dojo.

more in common(2)

Summer 2 Week beginning 8th June.

This week is friendship week and at Field Lane we are going to celebrate together with all of you, our friends. We have come up with some activities you could do to help us celebrate, in our home learning grid below. Click the grid to open a bigger image. We can't wait to see the art work you produce, the poems you write and the friendship recipes you create.  As usual we will be posting daily work on Class dojo. You send us pictures of all your work Class Dojo. 

Happy Friendship week!

Mrs Motara and Miss Potts. 


Summer 2- Week beginning 1st June 

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Eid and a restful half term holiday. Our theme for this weeks home learning is 'Child safety.' This includes safety in the home and outside the home. Look at the safety presentation below, with your child to learn more about being safe. The home learning menu is below the presentation. Click on the menu to be taken to a document where you can click on the links. We look forward to seeing your work. 



Week beginning 18th may

We were really impressed with the super learning that went on last wekk. Well done to everyone! This week our theme is 'Share a story.' Once again you can be creative in how you share stories, you can share your own stories or even your favourite ones. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. You should to try and do one activity a day and then send us your photos. You can click on the image of the menu below, then a pdf page will open, where you will be able to then click on the links. 

We are also trying to set up class dojo for our classes, if you need help setting this up please let us know.  

You can also take part in an exciting festival. The Joy of Moving Home School Festival, takes place between the 18th- 22nd May. Click on the links below the grid to find out more!

week 52(3)

Joy of Moving Home School Festival

Week beginning Monday 11th May

Thank you to everyone that sent us pictures of their maths, hero themes activities and completed work on Purple mash. This weeks theme is 'Healthy bodies and Healthy minds'. Click on the links below the grid to find instructions for the experiments. We have included a variety of activities: some experimental, some active and some messy! Have fun experimenting. 


What is in blood? (picture link)


Click the image above for the link

Home learning Online Reading Scheme     

To support our children in reading at home, you can now use the Oxford Owl e-books for free. This means you can access reading scheme books like the ones we use in school. This is especially for children in Reception to Lower Key Stage 2, but older children could try it too.

We are encouraging our parents can sign up, all you have to do is follow this link to register and follow a few simple steps.

Put in your name, email, set a password and the age of a child and you're ready to go. You'll then have access to a huge library of e-books which your child can read online.

To find out what level you need for your child(ren), look on the back cover of the Oxford Reading Tree book in their book bag and then select this level.

 If you don't have this information, you can alternatively select their year group or age for a close match.

We encourage all of our children to read a book for at least 10 minutes every day.

Tuesday 5th May (scroll down for the home learning menu)

Week beginning 4th May

The home learning theme for theme week is ‘Heroes’. What does it mean to be a hero? Do all heroes look the same? You should try to do at least one activity from the menu below a day, as a family and send us your pictures. Don’t forget we are setting 2dos on Purple mash daily. As well as this we are setting maths activities for you to do each day. The first two sheets can be found on the maths home learning page, in the Year 3 and 4 section under pupils.  This can be done on a piece of paper- no need to print anything and please send us a picture of your maths work.

This link also takes you to the Year 3 and 4 maths home learning page. 



Week beginning 27th April 

Ramadhan mubarak to everyone. Last week was our highglight, as we got to speak to most of our class. It was lovely to hear how you all were, what you had been getting up to and about all the great work you had done. We have really enjoyed looking at all the work you have completed on Purple mash and well done for using Numbots, TTRockstars and Nessy.

Our home learning theme for this week is 'kindness and gratitude'.  What does it mean to be kind and show gratitude? Which actions show kindness? Below is a menu of activities, you can do as a family. You can click the links below to view a kindness powerpoint, for family discussion and a story to read together. You should try and pick one activity a day, aswell as using Purple mash, Numbots and TTRockstars. We look forward to pictures of your work! 


Click this link for kindness powerpoint.


Click on this link to read the story.

kindness story

Summer 1- Monday 20th April

Our World

Welcome back to the start of a new term. We hope you have all had a relaxing holiday at home and in your garden.

The home learning theme for this week is 'Our World'. Our world is changing and so is the way we live. There have been lots of positive things that people have done to help people in need. The Himalayas can now be seen from parts in India for the first time in 30 years because the air pollution levels have dropped. We would like you to explore our world. Look at the menu below for activities you could do as a family. You could make a time capsule as a family, click the link below for some ideas/sheets you could use. 

There is also an exciting opportunity for you to take part in an online art exhibition, with Creative Scene. Click on the link below to find out more. 

Mrs Motara and Miss Potts 


Click this link for the online art exhibition information

creative scene

Click this link for the Time capsule ideas. 

time capsule2

Easter Holiday Activities

Well done for all the hard work you have done. We have been amazed with all your hard work on Purple mash. Your lovely comments have put a smile on our faces! Below is an animal themed activity menu, for you to choose from during the Easter holidays.  You can do these activities as a family. We hope you all have a good rest too and enjoy some family time. Have a lovely relaxing Easter break. 

Miss Potts and Mrs Motara

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Year 3 and 4

Lets start off our second week of home learning. We have decided to have a theme so that the whole family can take part in these activities. Have a look at the menu below and choose activities to do during the week. As well as this, we have started another TTRpckstars battle. Who will come out on top this time? Well done to everyone who has completed work on Purple Mash. I have added some more 2dos for you to have a go at. Don't forget you can try to structure your day in a similar way to the timetable that was posted on Friday. 

Friday 27th March 2020

Good afternoon Year 3 and 4. Well done you have completed your first week of home learning. Well done to Year 4 for winning the TTRockstars battle! We will set up another battle soon, who will win the next round? 

Now that you have given home learning a go, it might be an idea to think about a daily routine for next week. Below is a guide of what your routine might include (adapted from the Holly Grove Primary School).

Remember it is just a guide and that every family is unique. You can adapt the timetable to suit you and your family. 

Enjoy the weekend, have some fun family time and keep safe.

New activities will be posted on Monday

Thursday 26th March 2020

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