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Hello, Halimah and Usman here.

Welcome to our gardening blog! We love gardening club so much that we decided to write a blog about it.

However, our first task was to make an amazing, muddy title with our own hands. It is at the top if you want to see it.


We hope you enjoy reading about our green fingered adventures.

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30th March 2017

Hi there from Halima and Usman.

Today in gardening Club there was no Liam, as he was on his holidays. Mrs Cooper and Miss Drewry were left in charge. They did ok. We started off with some watering of the veg beds, as the soil was very dry. We then went to sit on the logs and I did the register. Mrs Cooper explained what we had to do. We were all going to do the same job, which was to dig the edge of our new community garden.

Umar had all the tools in the wheelbarrow ready for us to use. There were lots of children and adults and even Zaina’s grandma, which was lovely as it was Grandparent Gardening week. Mrs Cooper took a photo of Zaina’s grandma, which she has sent off to a competition which wants to encourage more grandparents to garden. Watch this space to see if we win any prizes.

We then went to our new community garden and started digging around the edge. We had to dig from the road to the white fence. This was difficult as some parts were hard and stony. The older children loosened up the soil for the younger children. Adnaan had a wheelbarrow and he was taking it around to collect all the grass that everyone had dug up. He put it in the grass piles that will make our raised beds.

Before we could get a lot done it was 4 o’clock and time to go home.

See you next week, Halimah and Usman.

16th March 2017

Hi there it’s Halimah and Usman here again for our 2017 gardening club blog. Today in gardening club we had about 24 people a lot of people. So first we did some watering and digging. Then we went to look at the plants we grew in 2016. When we came back we started to dig in the place we won £2000 for. Then after a while it was 4:00 clock home time. That was all for today.

23rd March 2017

Hi there, it’s Halima and Usman here, for Gardening Clubs second blog of the year.

So, in Gardening Club we had about 22 people! That’s a lot.  We all sat on the logs and did the register. Liam told us what jobs we had to do. We split up into two groups. One group were digging up all the plants that were dead. The other group were planting flowers from seed. They had to put compost into a pot and then add the seeds.  At this time of year it is a good idea to clear all the dead plants out of the beds. This clears a space for all the new plants. The seeds planted by the second group were placed in the poly tunnel as it still too cold for them to be outside. Liam gave me (Halima) and Usman a special job. We had to put compost all over the beds. This would help the next lot of plants to grow quicker and stronger and give us better vegetables. We all enjoyed ourselves, but too soon for me it was home time. That is all for this week see you next week.  

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Thursday 19th May 2016

Hello. Today at Gardening Club we did lots and lots of planting and digging. We harvested some purple sprouting brocolli - we gave Miss Drewery a pot and she said it was delicious!

We picked some fragrant mint leaves and we gave them away to the children in gardening club. They might use them for cooking or in their tea. We also watered: beetroot, lemon balm, thyme, garlic and our wildflower meadow.

That was gardening club for this week! See you next week.

(:  Halimah and Usman  :)

Thursday 12th May 2016

Hello and welcome to our 3rd blog.

 Today at gardening club we did lots and lots of planting and lots and lots of watering. At the end, Liam, the gardener, put the hammock up and we all had a swing. Me and Usman had a very long turn. We also made lots of videos. That was the end of our gardening club.

See you next week!


Thursday 5th May 2016

Hello it is Halimah and Usman again.

Today we are going to tell you what we did in gardening club. We had two groups. Both of the groups planted seeds. In one group we planted seeds in the ground but we didn't cover the seeds with soil because it was going to rain. The other Group planted flowers. 

We hope the seeds we planted will grow.

Thursday 28th April 2016

Today at gardening club, we did the register and there were 19 people – so many! We have not had this many people before in gardening club for many years. Today we planted flowers and watered them, but first we had to make space for the seeds. To do this, we used spades to dig out the dead plants. Because we had watered the soil, this was easy for us. Then we planted the flower seeds - I hope they grow.

Sometimes, we have a wheelbarrow race, but this time we didn't. Instead... we sat in the hammock. I love the hammock!     

By Halima and Usman