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Leeds Beckett University Sports Trip

On Wednesday 27th March some KS2 children went to a special sports event at Leeds Beckett University. We arrived at the event and there was an amazing opening ceremony with Mascots and 2 special performances. We were treated to a gymnastics show and a Bhangra dance routine. The children were able to join in for a warm up and they learnt some new Bhangra moves.

After the opening ceremony we took part in a new sport called American Football. We had lots of fun playing a tag catch game where we had to chase other children for their tag belts and see who could get the most. We also had a go at throwing the American football as well in teams.

After, we took part in mini tennis games, where we had a rally with our partners over a net.
We also took part in athletics games; we did running. jumping and we used hurdles. We also used rockets for a throwing activity.
After speaking with the children they all had an amazing day. They said it was a really fun day out and that they had learnt about some new sports and skills. It was good to meet so many other children from other West Yorkshire schools.


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