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On Thursday 2nd March 2017, Year 6 participated in a project called My Country, My Vote. Two people from the council (Simon and Pauline) visited my captivated class. The project is designed to enable young people to tackle issues which matter to them in the local Batley area.

Simon and Pauline split us into five groups so we could reflect upon what matters to us in the local area and how to campaign for it. We were taught that there are many ways to campaign such as, e-petitions, door to door and holding events.

In the end, the groups decided on the issues they wanted to tackle. Look below to see what each group chose to campaign about.

Group 1- Batley Goes Green

This group wanted to campaign for a 'greener' Batley, where we would have community orchards and gardens. People could come together to help grow fruits and vegetables for everyone in the local area to enjoy.

Group 2- Cycling to School

This group recognised that children would love the opportunity to travel to school on a bicycle, but unfortunately, due to the lack of bicycle lanes around school, it is dangerous. They wanted to campaign for bicycle lanes.

Group 3- Stop the Robbz

This group discussed the current issues that have affected our local area and wanted to do something about the current break-ins in local mosques and takeaways. They wanted to campaign for more security in our area.

Group 4- #OneWorld

This group talked about how racism is still an issue that needs to be resolved and so came up with the idea to campaign for goverment funding to help them hold community events in Batley Park to show that 'at heart, we are all one!'

Group 5- Road Safety

This group wanted to campaign for safer roads in Batley and wanted road attendants to ensure the roads are safe enough for everyone around us.

The five hardworking groups had a smile on their face throughout the day and were determined to make their idea count. Simon and Pauline said, 'Your school was much better than the secondary schools.'

The children will now show their campaign to the school, parents and even the local MP! Everyone will get a chance to vote for their favourite campaign.

Written by Yusuf Akudi

On Monday 27th March, Year 6 presented their campaigns to the whole school and parents. Everyone listened carefully at the ideas being presented and then the children returned to their classes to discuss what each campaign wanted to achieve. Each child and parent had the opportunity to vote on a voting slip. These were collected in and counted in private. The winning team will be announced by our MP, Tracy Brabin, on the 30th March.

On Thursday 30th March, our MP Tracy Brabin and her colleagues came to visit our school. She spent some time having a walk around the school, visiting different classes and looking at our lovely school environment. She enjoyed a delicious school dinner whilst chatting to some of our Year 6's about their attitudes to school and their thoughts about Field Lane. The visitors were then invited to the hall to listen to the presentations by the Year 6's. They presented their campaigns and then the winner was announced!

The winners were...... STOP THE ROBBZ! Well done to Sufyan Daji, Haniya Ahmed, Khadija Pandor, Sanaa Daji, Zainab Sheikh and Ismail Garda.

After the campaigns, Tracy Brabin spoke about her life and the events that led up to her becoming the MP. The parents and children thoroughly enjoyed her speech and were inspired by her words.

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