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Our intergenerational work has been mentioned in a blog, written by Director for Commissioning, Public Health and Adult Social Care, Richard. 

We are very proud of the work that we are doing and hope it will inspire others to link up with different community groups. 

A heart-wearming tale 

4 May 2018 - I was fascinated to hear about a local project which is helping to support older people and tackle social isolation. It brought together care home residents and children from a nearby primary school as part of a pilot run by Food For Life, who are working with the Public Health teams both here and in Calderdale.

With the aim of promoting messages around healthy and sustainable food, the children and older people joined forces to create a hen coop. It was also, however, a fantastic opportunity to bridge the generation gap and give people who are separated by several decades the chance to chat, interact and get to know each other.

It was really heart-warming to learn about the connections they have made, which are educational for the children and are teaching respect and appreciation. The care home residents also gain great benefits by engaging with a totally different group and I’m delighted that there are plans for similar link-ups elsewhere in the future

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