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Field Lane JI&N hosted a workshop for parents and children, to learn about the different science investigations that can be done at home. The hall was filled with cornflour, ice, lollipopsticks, water and paper aeroplanes. Everyone had a good experience playing, asking lots of questions and using their imagination....


Investigating flour

"I liked making the catapults and my marshmallow went far" (Child)

"I changed the position of the spoon" (Child)

"The cornflour was a liquid and a solid" (Child)

Questions that were explored

What happens if I add more water?      

Can I get the flour back from the mixture?

How does it feel when I add water?

"Children of all ages could do the experiment. My toddler really enjoyed him self too!" (Parent)

"I liked the different experiments and how it made us ask why questions." (Parent)

"We all enjoyed it and will be experimenting at home" (Parent)

"I had quality time with my child. A great morning- lets do it again please!" (Parent)

"Thank you for involving parents." (Parents)