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Nature In You

Session One

Nature in You course.

On Monday 8th May, 23 parents attended our first ever, “Nature in You” course and had an amazing time. This course allows us to learn more about the outdoors and ourselves.

Sam and Racheal work for a charity, S2R, who work with people to promote a positive way of looking at life. Their focus was on everyone being relaxed and mindful. They also wanted to challenge us, by teaching us something new. This meant everyone had to make a fire that would burn for two minutes, without using matches!

 Surprisingly, we were really good at this and were all experts within minutes. This meant we experienced a sense of achievement and pride.  We immediately felt positive and began to think about what else we might be capable of. A lovely hot cup of tea, sipped outside under the trees, also added to our sense of well-being. We created the fires after being shown how to use a flint and stone to create a spark. This then set a small ball of cotton wool on fire, which had to be fed with tiny pieces of wood that we gathered from the garden.

Once everyone was confident we were joined by our children. We then became the teachers and showed them how to light a fire without matches. Of course they were equally brilliant; meaning we all felt more pride and success. There were smiles all round as we gathered wood to burn, knowing that we had acquired a new skill and then passed it on to our children. Sam and Racheal asked us to think about what in our lives we would like to burn and get rid of. Some answers made everyone laugh, but can’t be written here.

We are looking forward to next week when we are again going to be challenged, as we have to cook a vegetable curry outside on a fire, again without using any matches.

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