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Girls' Forest School - A Celebration of Women


Session One: Shelter Building

We challenged ourselves to build one giant shelter, altogether. We worked out that if we allocated different jobs to individuals, we all had something meaningful to contribute, We had designers, foragers, cooks and a storyteller! 

Session 1

Session Two: Fires and 'Smores'

We all built up our resilience in this session, not giving up until we had all lit a small fire. We then celebrated with some toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and a song or two round the fire. 

Session 2ASession 2B

Session Three: Planting Daffodils

Inspired by Mother Teresa's words, together we planted 160 daffodil bulbs. We discussed how proud we will feel in Spring when our flowers grow to mark the first signs of the changing seasons.  

Session 3 - daffs

Session Four: Hammock and Slack Lining

We challenged ourselves a lot in this session! We progressed from being a little uncertain on the slack line, to two people balancing at the same time - backwards! We also took some time to relax in our very own hammock. 

Session 4

Session Five: Mums' Session

This was a very special session for us, to mark how far we have come as a group. We have looked at lots of inspirational women in this project, but decided that in this session we would invite our biggest inspirations - our mums! They joined in the fun, lighting fires and balancing on our slack line. 

Thank you mums for joining us - it was a really special session for all involved. 

Parent's session

February 2020

Our daffodils have finally grown! We are so proud that every day our families and and school friends get to walk past our flowers and smile.

Daffs - FebSingle Daff
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