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         Field Lane J, I & N School                                                        Year 3/4 Long Term Plan 2020/21






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 An Ancient Kingdom

‘The Light and Dark Inside Us’

A Disappearing World

What did the Romans do for us?

Mountain explorers



Visits / visitors

Bagshaw museum


The Deep

Theatre company

Brimham rocks



Local historical buildings, and areas of historical  significance

Key texts

Egyptian Cinderella Twisted Traditional Tale by Shirly Climo

Ancient Egypt:Tales of Gods and Pharaohs by Marcia Williams

Various information books about Ancient  and modern Egypt

Harry Potter and the Philosophers

Stone by JK Rowling

Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill

Sophie Scott Goes South by Alison Lester

No one is too small to make a difference by Greta Thunberg


Julius Cesar by William Shakespeare

Various Playscripts


Ultimate survival guide for kids by Rob Coulson

Survival camp by Bear Grylls


The Brockenspectre by Linda Newberry


Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens




Y3 various traditional/fairy tales

Y4 Anita Desai

Y3 Mary Hoffman

Y4 Aeasop’s fables

Y3 CS Lewis

Y4 Lewis Carroll


Y3 Michaeal Morpurgo

Y4 Cressida Cowell



genres and text types

Fiction Narrative: Traditional tale comparison

Myths from other cultures: identify features and  purpose, retell a myth

Non-chron Report: Ancient Egypt

Fantasy Stories,

 alternative story endings.


Poetry: Sorting hat poem/Magical poetry-

Real narrative-Biographical recount/Diary: Journey to and living in Antarctica

Persuasive argument about climate change .


Various Playscripts

Persuasive Letter: Letter to Julius Cesar

Instructions: Making a catapult


Fiction Narrative: Adventure story 


Report: Mountains report/guide.


Explanation: How does the water cycle work?

Historical fiction: Oliver


Non chronological report : Victorian Batley.

SMART Time Maths

Measures –  Area

Shape- Pyramid nets

Number- Ancient Egyptian number hieroglyphs

Art- printing, wax resist art

Measures – Litres and ml potions, capacity

Fractions- Fractions of an amount

Money – Buying potions and ingredients


Statistics – Weather data

Numbers – Positive and negative numbers

Time – Time zones



Measures – Creating a Roman village within a set area

Statistics – Solving problems involving data

Number- Roman numerals

Measures – Roman catapults.

Measures – Meters and km

Statistics – Collecting and comparing data for different mountains.

Position and direction – Coordinates

Measures – Area Perimeter

Number – Adding and subtracting decimals in the context of litres and ml.

Fractions – Fractions of water.



Teeth and Eating

Looking after teeth and healthy eating

States of matter

Learn about solids, liquids and gases

Living Things

Learn about classification keys and how changes in environment can pose a danger to living things

Power It Up

Electricity and circuits

How are circuits used in construction? (DT link)

Super Science Topic – Bubbles

Observing how materials change state

What’s That Sound?

Learn about how different sounds are made


Invasion Games & Target Games


Y4: Swimming lessons

Gymnastics & Movement linking to Harry Potter


Y4: Swimming lessons

Gymnastics – Large Apparatus


Y4: Swimming lessons

Movement linked to the Romans


Y4: Swimming lessons

OAA & Fitness


Y4: Swimming lessons

Striking and Fielding Games


Y4: Swimming lessons


Y3: Programmers

Y4: Toy designers

Y3: Opinion pollsters

Y4: Co-authors and wiki

Y3: Computing games & Bug fixing

Y4: Software developers

Y3: Communicators/Email

Y4: HTML editors

Y3: Presenters

Y4: Digital Music


Y3: Network engineers

Y4: Weather presenters


Ancient Egypt.

Using evidence

Learning about- religion, inventions, River Nile and Pharaohs





Learning about Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion and the successful invasion by Claudius.

Describe different accounts of a historical event, explaining some of the reasons why the accounts may differ.




.Describe changes that have happened in the locality of the school throughout history

Suggest suitable sources of evidence for historical enquiries.

Famous people who speak up for change




Locating Antarctica; learning about the climate; the landscape and wildlife.








Learn about the key features and aspects of mountains and water cycle. Locating mountains around the world and how they are formed.  Children will learn about oceans, rivers and lakes and the impact water has on humans.




Being Me In My World


Celebrating Difference

Dreams and Goals

Healthy Me

Changing Me



 What do creation stories tell us about our world?

What do Christians believe about a good life?


How do Jewish people remember Abraham and Moses?

Islam -Ramadan and Eid

How do people express spirituality?



Creating a piece of artwork using watercolor.  

sketching and painting

Creating a piece of artwork using collage and materials.

digital collage



Exploring scale and perspective through landscape artwork.

Pant Mixed media

3d art paper mache



Food technology

Design and create a shaduf by learning about how to strengthen complex structures

How can we transport water to farms? Aqueducts

Food technology- healthy smoothie potions





Food technology

Design and create a catapult by applying knowledge of levers, pivots and fulcrums.


How are levers, pivots and fulcrums used in construction?

Food technology


Food technology


Joining textiles with appropriate stitching and finishing  techniques to decorate

Weaving and use of recycled plastics to make rugs.


Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat

Three Little Birds

Ho Ho Ho

Lean on me


Benjamin Britten

Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Sea shanties


All about me


French stories and numbers

Toys and pocket money

Sports and hobbies



Carnival of the Animals


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