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On Tuesday 11th October, Field Lane had an extremely successful and enjoyable art day! This year, our theme was 'Mindfulness' and all the activities were designed to ensure children would get enjoyment out of art.

Throughout school, we had lots of activities where children got the opportunity to study the work of an artist and then learn and develop different art skills. They finished the art day by creating a final piece in the style of the artist they had studied.

There were a wide range of activities that allowed children to explore and develop different art skills. These activities included collage, abstract art, painting, pastel drawings, zentangle patterns, batik, slow stitching, printing, mark marking and drawing.

Some of the artists that we studied were-

Elspeth McClean

Maria Thomas

Ana Montiel

Monique Dufour

Jilly Barr

Michele Theberge

Fabric Lenny


John Harris

Judy Watson Napangardi


Children and adults all thoroughly enjoyed art day! Have a look at some of the comments below-

We had lots of parents who took part in our art day too. Thank you for all your help and for participating in all the activities.

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