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Year 6 Residential - June 2019

We have boarded the coach. Children are all very excited, playing games and chatting. Feeling relaxed and ready for our weekend!


We have arrived safely and just had lunch. Our PGL group member is just about to take us on a tour around the grounds. We are very excited to start our activities at 2pm! 




It's a beautiful morning here at PGL and we are all now up and ready for our day! 

Breakfast soon then our first activities which are fencing and climbing. 


Its 1 o clock and we are about to go for our lunch, which is jacket potatoes. The children have all been superb this morning, showing resilience when climbing and cheering eachother on. We are now preparing for our afternoon kayaking. Mrs Cooper is stretching and Mr Everett has applied waterproof suncream - it's a good job as he's going in! He looks very nervous... 


Day Three 23/06/19

Well that's it for another year. We have had such a lovely time, thank you for trusting us with your children as it is such a good experience for them. They are all coming back to you as strong, resilient young people who know themselves a little bit better. On the coach now

 See you in two hours!

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