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We will be thinking about winter this half term and exploring different types of  weather by setting up weather stations.  We will be finding out how to care for animals and other people in the cold weather and investigating the best materials to keep warm.

Make your own indoor snowmen and snow balls or a snowy arctic scene with this bright white no cook playdough recipe from the imagination tree.

You and your child could try this easy craft activity from Red Ted Art and make a pine cone bird feeder for your garden.

Visit to Taylor Street Mosque

Children, staff and parents had a really interesting visit to the mosque.  They enjoyed being shown around the prayer rooms and around the classrooms in the madrassas and everyone learnt a lot about the history of the buildings. 

Before the visit the children wrote information sheets about the important things you can see in a mosque.

After the visit the children wrote their own news reports.

There are some amazing reporters in Early Years!

mosque 3

mosque 4


Chinese New Year

What an exciting time we had learning about Chinese New Year. The children in Reception found out they were born in the year of the horse or the year of the snake.  

They thought of and wrote their own fortune cookie messages and then they weighed out the ingredients to make their cookies.

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