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Year 6's PGL Adventure!


Blog number 2

The adventure begins...

Well we are off! Bags have been checked and all children are safely on the coach, seatbelts on. Husnaa wants to know if we are there yet and we haven't even left Batley! Tai is leading a prayer at the back for safe travel. We can't wait to get there!

Miss Drewery

Blog number 3

The arrival.

We are here! Aaliyah says it is like a dream. All settling in very well and practising their kick ups! Miss Walton is on 13. She will keep persevering. "It's harder than I thought!"

Miss Drewery

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First Full Day

Well we are having a great first day. The children are currently browsing in the shop. After a 6am start, we had a delicious breakfast of cereal, eggs, toast (not burnt) and tea! The children all had a go at the trapeze and pushed themselves out of their comfort zones. We are very proud of them. The children supported each other so well, cheering each other on. We also built a buggy and could actually ride it! Sidrah is an expert knot tyer. 

We've just had a delicious lunch with pastries, salad and soup. The children ate very well. 

All the activities are very well run and extremely safe - your children are in good hands! 

Kayaking next - watch out Mrs Cooper!


All is quiet...

All quiet in camp now and the stars are shining brightly. The children have had a brilliant first day, supporting each other and challenging themselves. Kayaking went very well! We will upload pictures in the morning. 

Good night all - the PGL team x

Our incredible day!

We have had the most amazing day. All the children are now in bed and a bit quieter than last night, as they are so tired – it’s been non-stop fun from 6am till 10pm! The teachers are now enjoying a well-deserved rest and cup of tea, listening out for ‘talkers’. No sweets we promise!

Our morning was fantastic. All the children have taken on their own PGL challenge, whether it was climbing to the top of the trapeze or kayaking in the lake. After our lunch we went kayaking for the afternoon altogether, which was lovely. We were given the safety talk, shown how to move forwards, backwards and how to turn, then we were off! The children all tried the kayaking and helped each other when they fell in, which Maryam did five times! Zain showed excellent steering skills today and was a natural in the water. Unaisah sailed along happily, whilst Tai had bouncers to protect him when he was playing ‘catch the president’. Dayaan was like a shark hunting people and splashing them. He has last been seen flossing in the boys’ tent. Kassim has just told us he wants to stay longer, because he is having so much fun!  Faysal was an accomplished kayaker – he just needs to work on his steering a little bit, as he kept floating away.

Meanwhile… Miss Drewery was innocently kayaking along, when Mrs Cooper ambushed her and she fell in. Miss Drewery had no choice but to drag Mrs Cooper in with her. Mr Everett was ambushed by the children. It was all caught on camera by Miss Daji.

After our water adventure, we all got back to camp and showered. We warmed up by having a delicious dinner of chicken nuggets, wedges and more salad! After dinner, the children played robot wars, where they had to complete a series of challenges which gave them a number of points. The more points they got, the more robot resources they received! Aaliyah and Aishah were then turned into the robots using recycled cardboard. The teachers were very brave and had a go at the high ropes!

The tent inspection has gone well. This year’s inspection focus was ‘ambience’, which resulted in a dense haze of deodorant. We had to open the windows. The girls sang us songs, bribed us with sweets (not technically allowed, we know) and put on a light show with their torches. The boys sang some chants and made sure their tent was perfect. They were quietly confident! The children will find out tomorrow at our award ceremony who has won.

We have a busy day tomorrow, with activities we are very excited about: climbing, vertical challenge, archery and much more. We hope you enjoy our pictures.

Good night from five very happy and proud teachers. Fingers crossed for a bit more sleep tonight! 6:05am will do.      


The last day!

Good morning! The children slept until 7:15 this morning which was fantastic. They were very quiet and respectful of the other campers. We are all now feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Breakfast was halal sausages, cereal, fruit and toast. Mr Everett is working his way towards an intermediate plus toast maker. He didn't burn it this time, but he has gone the other way and some of it was just bread. We forgive you Mr Everett - you'll get there. 

The children are now beginning to pack their bags in readiness for leaving this evening. This morning we are having a go at some climbing challenges, which we are all looking forward to. We just need to make sure Miss Drewery and Mrs Cooper stay away from the lake today! 

The PGL gang x

Hi everybody, 

We are currently attempting the vertical challenge. The children are setting themselves a personal challenge and we will support them to achieve it. Our instructor Alex is an expert and very patient with the children.  Lunchtime after this!


Vertical challenge complete! We all reached our target. We are so proud of the children's perseverence. Fatimah L was brilliant and really pushed herself to reach the top. Aishah also conquered her fear of heights today and got twice the height that she was aiming for. Dayaan raced right to the top!

We've just finished our lunch. We had sandwiches with a choice of cheese, tuna or halal chicken with crisps and more lovely salad. It was a lively lunch as we were all celebrating England's 5 goals! It was fun to cheer them on!

We are now very excited about our archery and climbing. The sun is shining, but don't worry we have lots of water and they are wearing sun cream!

The PGL gang x


Final blog

How do we start? We have just had the most amazing weekend with your children, but a little warning, we are not bringing back the same people. Each of them has grown and changed beyond all recognition! Liyba listed all the skills she has learnt this weekend:

Camping, camp fire singing, climbing, buggy building, archery, kayaking, swimming (Mrs Cooper), team work, supporting each other, persevering, setting our own targets and chanting. Also how to eat our own body weight in the PGL canteen. 

Sidrah hit the nail on the head earlier when she said we were like a family. We have our ups and downs but we have come through it together stronger. 

We are so proud of your children. It has been an absolute pleasure to spend an amazing weekend where we have all got to know ourselves a little better. Thank you for trusting us and lending them to us!

We are now back on the coach after having had another delicious meal. Lunch tomorrow won't be the same with just one course!

We are on our way back to you now. I hope that your children's eyes have been opened to what wonderful opportunities are out there for them. We hope they will continue to appreciate being outside, without technology, and all that it has to offer for their physical and mental health.

They have just been kids this weekend and it's been marvellous. 

See you soon,

The PGL gang x

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