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Rise of the Robots

This Half term we studied the topic 'Rise of the Robots'. We examined our Solar System, Space, robots and the progression of technologies throughout history. During SMART time, the children took part in a range of practical activities including:  visiting a Space shop; stop-motion animation and designing their own habitational capsules for a mission to Mars.

We used stop-motion animation to represent the movement of the moon relative to the Earth:

Salmaan Yusuf Hizer.movChhibda Zaid Ibrahim Ahmed.mov

Aamarah Ayesha Faatimah Asma.mov


SMART time

Children have been working independently in SMART time, taking part in lots of different activities.

They also took part in astronaut fitness training, silhouette stop motion and a silent tower building challenge.



Bradford Science and Media Museum

Year 5 and 6 visited Bradford Science and Media Museum for their trip.  We saw an amazing Imax film in 3d – it made us feel like we were in space for real! We also explored the wonderlab, examined the Soyuz capsule which brought Tim Peake back to Earth and we joined in a science show.




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