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Chicken Run / Carry My Story

Checking the chickens! 

Field Lane visit Linson Court 21/05/18

Today we visited our friends at Linson Court and had a lovely time in the sun. We collected stories from the residents about their lives, trying to develop our interviewing skills. We also dug out an area for a wild flower garden and planted the seeds. It was lovely to see that the chickens are able to roam during the day. Miss Drewery even picked one up! 

Thankyou for letting us visit you Linson Court - we hope your wildflowers grow! 

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Our intergenerational work has been mentioned in a blog, written by Director for Commissioning, Public Health and Adult Social Care, Richard. 

We are very proud of the work that we are doing and hope it will inspire others to link up with different community groups. 

A heart-wearming tale 

4 May 2018 - I was fascinated to hear about a local project which is helping to support older people and tackle social isolation. It brought together care home residents and children from a nearby primary school as part of a pilot run by Food For Life, who are working with the Public Health teams both here and in Calderdale.

With the aim of promoting messages around healthy and sustainable food, the children and older people joined forces to create a hen coop. It was also, however, a fantastic opportunity to bridge the generation gap and give people who are separated by several decades the chance to chat, interact and get to know each other.

It was really heart-warming to learn about the connections they have made, which are educational for the children and are teaching respect and appreciation. The care home residents also gain great benefits by engaging with a totally different group and I’m delighted that there are plans for similar link-ups elsewhere in the future.

Linson Court visits Field Lane! 05/03/18

We were very lucky today as we had a visit from some very special people… Queenie and Mary! They watched our spring assembly then helped us to make some more flowers for our poppy sculpture. We had lunch – delicious fish and chips – then we all sang some songs from WW2 together (which we had learnt in our Conflict topic). After lunch we had lots of fun playing with the wig box!

Thank you for visiting us Queenie and Mary – we hope to see you soon!

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Pancake Day at Linson Court 15/02/18

We visited Linson Court to check the progress of the chickens and make some pancakes! We had lots of fun flipping pancakes – John had a go too! We also made pancakes for Mary and Queenie, taking orders for their toppings. We listened to some more of John’s stories about his experiences at school, which was very different to schools today. We are having lots of fun in this linking project and look forward to seeing the residents again soon.

… just don’t let Miss Drewery flip any more pancakes!

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Click the picture to the left to see a video of our experience so far!

 Year 5 students have been working in partnership with Food for Life and the Soil Association to make links to our local car home Linson Court. The children have been visiting the care home to interview the residents and help build a chicken run. They are beginning to collect stories from the residents, linking to their Carry My story project. We are trying to combat stereotypes and loneliness.

On our first visit we dug over the area to make room for the chickens. We were joined by lots of parents and even grandparents! On our second visit we built a chicken run. The chickens love their new home and we are looking forward to visiting both the residents and the chickens again.

Our children  have written poetry and stories dedicated to the residents and their stories. They have also created a stop-motion video to show their experience building the chicken run. One child dedicated a watercolour painting of Tatra Mountains (in Poland) to John, as that is where he used to go skiing with home made skiis.

Scroll down to see our work dedicated to the residents of Linson Court!

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