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We had an exciting start to our topic work when the children brought in the beans they had started to grow in the holidays.  The photographs and bean diaries were amazing!

Reading Jasper’s Beanstalk made us think about the things beans need to help them grow.  It’s a good job we have more patience than Jasper, who thought the beans would grow straight away. 

Every day we look at the beans and plants to see how they are growing and changing.  We water them and make sure they get some sunshine by keeping them on the window sill.

Visiting the garden centre was a real adventure and it gave us so many ideas about planting and growing outside. We soon got busy setting up our own garden centre, writing signs and labels and working out how much to charge for the plants, seeds and equipment , then, on to planting what we had bought to create a beautiful, bright reading garden.

We have used natural materials to make patterns, collages and sculptures. 

Indoor and outdoor shape work has helped us to explore, make and change shapes.

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