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In Spring 2, children have researched all about earthquakes and the effects it can have on communities and environments.

In this topic, children gained a deeper understanding of how and why earthquakes happen. They also studied about famous earthquakes that have occured in the past around the world!


Homemade Models 

Thank you to all the children and parents for making these amazing models. We had loads of brilliant models but here are a few. 



Click on the image on the right to look at all the things we did. 

Take a look at all the amazing things we did, during SMART time. 

quakes and tremors

We had many amazing and exciting activities in SMART time. One of our starred activities was doing map work outside. Children had to draw a map of the playground and had solve riddles to find specific parts of the playground on their map. 

Structure Building

In this activity children had to make a standing structure out of a range of lolipop sticks and straws. They had a choice of making a tall or wide structure. After making the structure, the children put it in a tray and shook the tray to see if their structure was earthquake proof. Later on they wrote a report and put it in their project. 




In Art children have been looking at abstract art. Children have created their own piece on canvases, using tissue, string, glue and inks. 

Stop Motion

Have a look at our amazing stop motion videos. 


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