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Golden Age

This half term, we will be studying The Golden Age of Islam. 

The Abbasid caliphate based in Baghdad was a successor Empire to the initial spread of Islam out of the Hijaz (modern day Saudi Arabia) and across the Middle-East. The Caliphs (kings) decided to build a city to emphasise their greatness and they did this on the site of modern day Baghdad. During this period the city became a centre of learning and great advances were made in science, maths and the arts.

We will be studying these advances and observing their uses today. 

We will also be enquiring into the lifestyles and culture of those who lived in Baghdad aruond the year 700AD.  

This half term, we have been enjoying some creative writing. Here are some of our detailed descriptions of a busy, Baghdad market:


It is I, Ali Cogia, leaving my business, home and everything; I am going to complete my pilgrimage. The domes and minarets sat on the horizon. "Bye bye beautiful Baghdad," I quietly whispered. Sweating and uncertain, I shuffled through the crowds, hustled by merchants... As I passed through, the massala was getting spicier; the cinammon wriggled up my nose and made me sneeze. I looked at the saffron, all red like the flames of a fire. My camel was tired as the market was a great size. The explosion of the spices was sensational, riding slowly through the market was astonishing - never had it been better. The unique aroma of roses and panniers filled with oriental spices wafted into the air. All I could hear were the irritating merchants: "Grapes for sale!" one merchant shouted. "Warm delicious tea! Come and get your tea, fresh tea!" another one shouted. I could feel the warm tea running down my throat, but I had to go on my pilgrimage.

 - Written by Yusuf Akudi


The journey began as I was walking through the bustling crowd in the market. I couldn't believe it would be busy as it was only sunrise (5:00). The domes and minarets of the mosque were sitting across the horizon. It felt like I was sitting on the domes, watching the horizon pass by. As I was walking past the stalls, I could see and smell spices: cinammon, saffron, chilli powder and cumin. It felt like the spices had drifted into the morning sky.

- Written by Alyza Tazwar





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